Silent Sky

El Ávila, Venezuela 1998

Silent Sky 1998 Photo: José Ortega

Silent Sky 1998

A solo multimedia piece that journeys on an intimate and magical memory of a child's loss of her father during Venezuela's revolutionary movement in the 1960s.

This is my first work integrating a visual narrative into a dance performance. The use of filmed images becomes a device to expand my dance performance as it explored complicated content.

Choreography, story, directing: Livia Daza Paris

Camera: Manuel Gruber Paris

Sound engineering: Edgardo Moreno

Voices: Alba Daza and Livia Daza-Paris

Film features:

Alba Daza (girl)

Felix Oropeza (father)

Special thanks to Manuel Gruber Paris, María Alejandra Gruber Paris, Angel Sánchez and José Ortega.

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Silent Sky 1998 Part one of video presented with live performance
Silent Sky 1998 Part two of video presented with live performance
Silent Sky was commissioned by Vivine Scarlett to be presented at Dance Immersion Dance Series ) which is an arts organization that serves "dancers, choreographers, teachers and the general public who express themselves through dance, their culture, and concerns of the African Canadian population". This work was premiered at Toronto's Harbourfront du Maurier Theater and produced in part with support from the Laidlaw Foundation and the Toronto Arts Council.