Antigone, diary of rituals N.2:

River Burial and Ridge of Silence

Lara, Venezuela, 2012

Antigone, diary of rituals N.2 : River Burial and Ridge of Silence 2012, 13:33

Camera: Euro García and Livia Daza-ParisEditors: Xi Feng and Michael Poetschko

River Burial took place in the cold, crystalline mountain waters near the town of Guarico, Lara, a vital area for the Venezuelan insurgency in the 1960s.

Having met with the sole survivor of the ambush, Faustino, I learned that the area in which my father was disappeared is called 'Ridge of Silence'.

I went there and discovered that it is at once both beautiful and eerie. Its waters are stagnant and silent, just like the story of disappearance I investigate.

In this ritual, I took the letters my mother had written to me (which I found by chance after her passing). I photocopied them in large poster-size, then placed them around this silent ridge.

In retrospect, I intended to create a conversation between this place, the non-official history and what my mother, Irma Paris, attempts to reveal with her letters.

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Review by Latin American curator and independent art critic Albeley Rodriguez. July 2014. Text in Spanish.

At the edge of the (far-End): an event revealed through rituals. ELSE Journal for International Art and Creative Media Issue 01. Published by Transart. Guest editor Teobaldo Lagos Preller. Peer-reviewed article. Published: January 2016. Text in English.

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Antigone, diary of rituals N.2 : River Burial and Ridge of Silence was created with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Alcaldía de Morán, Venezuela, Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura de Venezuela. Photo credits: Euro Garcia and Livia Daza-Paris