Ritual after rituals

at Solano Fonseca's house, Cocorote, Edo Lara, Venezuela, 2012

From ritual-action three, then seeing the banner f rom the side of the town of Cocorote, very near to Las Adjuntas. These pictures were taken on May 29th, at dusk hours. The images are of the banner I, with the help of the people f rom the town of Cocorote, were able to place up as closed to the area in where the ambush occurred as memorial to that event. Originally, there were 100 meters of white fabric I had thought could be hanged f rom there into the valley, but the terrain was such, that we could not continue going attaching it and had to cut the f abric to about 60 meters long only, to place it there. This is what is seen in the pictures f rom Cocorote, which is situated by the road that goes to the towns of Guaríco and Anzoátegui to the West, and to El Tocuyo and Barquisimeto towards the East.

The last row of pictures are with Solano Fonseca an elder campesino in this area who offered me shelter the night before going to the “discovery of the ambush site.” He also showed me a path through the field from one end of the valley to the other towards the edge of the river, which , as I have learnt, my father and his comrades crossed that last night as they were trying to evade the siege and still carry on with the mission they had at hand.

As a closing ritual, I asked him "to knight" me with his machete as one that now also knew this land as one of the oldest working campesinos in the area, and also because he had such a beautiful way to carry himself it was admirable. He had the machete with him at all times, just in case we might encounter venomous snakes.

Photo credits: Livia Daza-Paris and Gramonski