Made of Clay and Water

Montreal, Canada, 2004-2005

Made of Clay and Water, 2005Various lengths.

A poetic documentary that unfolds in conversations. These short videos portray four women of different ages and backgrounds through a concept of ‘poetic interviews’ on personal stories about love and endurance in the context of life-threatening political circumstances. The interviews sinuously explore how these events shaped their lives, while the camera approach suggests another level in the interviews beyond the verbal, exploring the notion of memories being stored in the body. The haptic camera movement searches for 'where' those deeper memories may be in the body and asks the women: how do you find the inspiration to continue to fill your life with beauty and love? The recording took place at the homes of each participant. The movement was improvised by the participants themselves as part of the interview dialogue.

The resulting video works were presented as a multimedia installation in a choreographic dialogue at Tanzquartier, Vienna, Austria, curated and organized by Benoit Lachambre, in the context of the North/South Lab, 2005.


Camera and Production by Livia Daza-Paris

Sound postproduction and image editing by Alejandro Rodríguez

Voice (singing) and poem by Livia Daza-Paris

Poetic interviews with: Ingrid Hein, Nadine Mondestin, Veronica Pelicaric, Jutta Woods.