The Books of Waiting. Book Two: Disappeared Prayers

and selected performative actions. Canada and US, 2010-2012

The Books of Waiting. Book Two: Disappeared Prayers 2014

The Books of Waiting began with performative actions that were video recorded in 2010 through 2012. Eventually, a narrative developed from the embodiment of memories as the project evolved. I organized the material in chapters with my own texts interspersed with my mother's letters to me which I found after her sudden death in 1999.

The performativities in the videos engaged with the mimetic imagination as visceral memories. These were performed in non-controlled spaces and isolated areas of Canada and the US between 2010-2012. The work aims to express the impact —from deep within the body— of state violence intangible dimensions.

It is through the instinctual assertion of my physical body that I discovered a way to navigate through and respond to the memories of these experiences and emotions. In Book Two, I explore the event of falling. From a movement perspective, I work with the concept from the following notions: physical surrender, falling as a result of physical impact, falling as a state of suspension and falling as one holds another falling.

Falling for me is associated with my imagining that I am able to attend to my father at the moment of falling from the impact of bullets during the ambush attack and help him to gently yield to the earth. See also:

Mundo al revés | Upside Down World

Detroit, US 2011, 03:25Performative action, voice : Livia Daza-ParisEditor: Xi FengCamera: Daniel Marchwinski Sound: Andrew Telichan

Disappeared Prayers | Rezos desaparecidos

Canada, Ontario 2011, 02:00Performative action: Livia Daza-ParisCamera, editor: David Martinez

Ningún sonido trajo el viento | No Sounds Carried the Wind

Canada, Ontario 2010, 03:00Text, camera, performative action, voice: Livia Daza-ParisEditor: David MartinezSound: Andrew Telichan