Poetic Forensics

(and) Livia Daza Paris

Livia Daza-Paris | Artist Statement

Movement and the body imaginary are at the center of my work. The body is the land, the disappeared and the fragmented; the body is also as specific as the space between my vertebrae. Non- linear narratives and poetics give form to the artworks which content are tied to un-official history and politics. Process oriented and the 'registered transient' are important creative elements from my artistic background in improvisational dance and performance. My practice is transdisciplinary and, it navigates a juncture between experimentation, documentation and the investigative.

Poetic devices became an essential aid to investigate a fragmented story embedded in a larger context of historical events omitted from official records. The fundamental question is: when a loved one is disappeared by the state, how do those left behind cope with their own grief under conditions of silence and clandestinity?

The Books of Waiting | Los Libros de Espera

2014 variable lengths videos - installation

Found Evidence | Pruebas de Hallazgo

2012-2014 images - installation

Unfinished Prayers | Rezos Desaparecidos

Canada/USA 2010-2012

Disappeared Prayers | Rezos Desaparecidos

Canada/USA 2010-2012

Family Portraits | Retratos en Familia

Lara, Venezuela 2012. Images

Made of Clay and Water

Montreal, Canada 2004-2005. Variable lengths

Antigone, diary of rituals | Antigone, diário de rituales

Lara, Venezuela 2012-2014. Variable lengths

Visible Silence

Montreal, Canada 2006. Immersive installation, performance

Silent Sky

El Ávila, Venezuela 1998. Performance and video

Wet Petals

Montreal, Canada 2003-2006. Immersive installation, performance